Get Fire Suppression For Your Business

Invest In An Effective Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen fire suppression systems have a remarkable record of putting out and controlling cooking fires. A properly installed and maintained kitchen fire suppression system is arguably a food service establishments most important investment. A partnership with SYNERGY Fire & Safety will give you peace of mind, and confidence knowing that all your fire protection products will be serviced on time per codes in accordance with NFPA STANDARD 17, 17A, and 96. You can rest assured knowing that the safety of your employees, customers, and business is what we demand and take pride in.

Fire suppression system service and maintenance

Your fire suppression system can save lives. SYNERGY Fire & Safety is a locally owned distributor installing the most reputable, and economical fire protection systems in the industry.

Distributor of Tyco fire suppression products

When an exhaust hood fire presents itself we understand how devastating it can be to your business operations, as well as the stress, and due diligence needed to get your business back up and running. With one phone call you can rely on SYNERGY Fire & Safety to quickly react and make this a successful and smooth transition.

Semiannual Inspection Checklist

  • System operable

  • All seats intact

  • System discharged

  • Whether or not system has been tampered with

  • Pressure gauge in operable range

  • Cable properly tensioned

  • Cable travel tolerance acceptable

  • Heat detector(s) cleaned and inspected

  • Fusible links replaced

  • Proper number of links

  • Proper placement of links

  • Integral system release operable

  • Remote release operable

  • Gas shutoff valve operable

  • Micro-switch electric shutoff operable

  • Piping free from obstructions

  • Piping properly supported

  • Conduit free from obstructions

  • Conduit properly supported

  • Nozzles properly aligned

  • Required number of niozzles

  • Nozzles clean

  • Nozzles caps in place

  • Cylinder inspected

  • Hydrostatic test date noted

  • Exhaust fan operable

  • Grease filters present

  • Hood ad duct free of grease

  • System tagged

  • Fire extinguishers present and properly serviced