Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation/Disposal

Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing & Automotive Non -Hazardous Waste Vacuum Services Including, Waste Sampling/ Laboratory Testing, Collection, Transportation & Disposal of All Non-Hazardous Waste

Synergy operates a fleet of vacuum trucks for the collection, transportation & disposal of non-hazardous waste. Small jobs to bigger jobs Synergy will provide a Cradle to Grave solution for non-hazardous waste generated from your facility, including testing from a certified lab, manifesting, & on-site consultations.

*Service coverages include the states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota & Wisconsin (Midwest)*

These non-haz service collections include:

  • Used Absorbent Recycling
  • Oil Water Separator Services, including maintenance, collection, transportation, cleaning, power washing & disposal
  • Process Water Collection & Disposal
  • Oily Water Collection & Disposal
  • Waste Water Collection & Disposal
  • Oily Sludge(s) Collection & Disposal
  • OffSpec Material Collection & Disposal
  • Drillers Mud Collection & Disposal
  • UST & AST Holding Tank Materials cleaning, collection, transportation & disposal.

Synergy has the ability to create a customer conformed P/M Program using our software program designed to be compliant, proactive & cost effective. Creating regular service intervals eliminate the guess from the customer, the reactive response from Synergy & costly emergency calls from our customers. Using our software program, not only allows set regular service intervals but also stores and tracks all service notes, manifests, hours on each job, deficiencies and service notes from both our service techs and from our customers.

Synergy supplies our customers with a non-hazardous manifest with each collection/service from our driver(s). The manifest will include: 1. Generators address, phone number & EPA ID # (if applicable). 2. Transporter (Synergy) address, phone number & EPA/DOT number. 3. Designated/Disposal facilities address, phone number & EPA ID #. 4. Printed names, signatures & date of service/collection from the generator/customer & transporter/Synergy. Along with the invoice a second copy of the non-hazardous manifest will be sent with all of the above information and then will include the designated facilities printed name, signature & date of delivery/disposal. Cradle to Grave compliance is our goal for all of our customers and we work diligently to achieve this goal.

Synergy can also supply an array of new absorbents, ranging from pads, pillows, socks, rolls, bales, granular, diatomaceous, spill kits, loading containments and more... all at cost effective pricing with the ability to direct ship pallets directly to your facility.